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Pretty Girls Drink Coffee - Pretty Girls Drink Tea Tote Bag (Multiple colors)

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This tote is comfortable to use, has enough space for all of your everyday items and especially great for beach visits and overnight stays. Made from reliable materials and with love and care it is sure to last for seasons.

Fabric: 100% Polyester

Available in 2 designs: The pink and green design has a pink and green chevron pattern on the back side. The red and black design features a black and red tribal pattern on the back side. 

Processing time: 5-7 business days 

Available in 3 sizes:
13 x 13 inches
16 x 16 inches
18 x 18 inches

This is also available as an 11oz mug. You can get the mug here: 

You may also request for any T-shirt design to be turned into a tote.

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